The fastest growing gamedev company in Central Europe starting investment roadshow

The fastest growing gamedev company in Central Europe starting investment roadshow

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After being recognized with prestigious awards, RedDeer.Games starts the roadshow of the Pre-A (II) private investment round. The latest round will help the firm with expansion into foreign markets.

The company RedDeer.Games (RDG), an independent producer and publisher of video games (indie games), in September this year after less than three years of operational activity, has received the Research and Development Awards 2022, awarded by Acquisition International Magazine in the category of the Best Fastest Growing GameDev Company – Central Europe.

In May this year RedDeer.Games made its debut among the leading Polish game producers in the ranking of "Forbes" monthly: "TOP 50 game producers in Poland 2022", taking the 40th place with a valuation of PLN 56 million. The ranking was opened by such recognized companies as CD Projekt, Techland, PlayWay, 11 Bit Studios, or Ten Square Games. RedDeer.Games ranked right behind Incuvo, a company with an established position in the VR market, and Exit Plan Games, a studio created by AAA game enthusiasts.

RedDeer.Games –investment roadshow

The company is one of the largest publishers of Nintendo Switch games. Based on the number of titles released, RedDeer.Games rose from 136 to 63 in just one year among nearly 2,000 global publishers of Nintendo Switch games. Our studio's games appear regularly in the TOP 30 sales on the Nintendo Switch eShop in all regions. The closest significant publishing position of the RDG studio is "Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home" – the production of Longterm Games S.A. studio debuting on the Stock Exchange.

Due to the dynamic development of the studio, including the publishing portfolio for Premium (IP) and AA licenses, as well as expansion into foreign markets, the company already in October this year starts the roadshow of the Pre-A (II) private investment round. The current round is addressed to Individual Investors and Venture Capital funds. RedDeer.Games will offer interested investors a total of 700 new shares, i.e., 15 percent in its increased share capital.

As a result of the previous investment rounds carried out by the founders of the studio: "F&F", "Seed" and "Pre-A", the company acquired a dozen or so Partners, who jointly acquired 887 shares, i.e., 18.95 percent of its capital. The investment in the company has brought our existing investors an increase in the value of shares at the level of:

RedDeer.Games –investment roadshow info

The capital obtained from individual investors significantly supported the company's day-to-day operations, the development of the offer of gaming projects, and above all, strengthening the staff of the team working on them, as well as marketing and publishing activities. In a short summary, we present how we used the trust placed in us by operating on the gaming market for nearly three years:

RedDeer.Games –investment roadshow info

The game production, publishing and porting segments selected by RedDeer.Games have proven themselves. Taking advantage of our well-established position on the global gaming market, we intend to continue the adopted business model, expanding it, among others on the team for initiatives in VR, Metaverse and NFT, obtaining a number of Premium (IP) licenses, as well as the development of competencies in the production of games in the category AA, offering a much higher level of story and entertainment.

The intention of the Management Board is to obtain funds from Investors in the current investment round, which will contribute to the support of the following investments:


  1. Start of production of games based on Premium (IP) licenses allowing the use of images of globally recognized cartoon characters in RedDeer.Games own products – games aimed mainly at children.
  2. Launch of production of the first-ever AA-class game in the history of RedDeer.Games, based on the book "The Evil One" by Leopold Tyrmand and the creation of Multiverse inspired by the novel.
  3. Preparing to go public by developing the investor relations team.
  4. Further development of the team of Senior Developers and Artists to increase the pace and quality of creating new products.
  5. Establishing an initiative team in VR, Metaverse and NFT to trigger an additional revenue stream.
  6. Further strengthening of marketing and PR activity

According to the adopted schedule, a series of meetings between the Management Board and Investors, both in Warsaw, and selected European cities, it will last from October this year by the end of March 2023.

Polish companies that generate revenues mainly in foreign currencies are clearly supported by weakening of the local currency. The attractiveness of the gamedev sector, especially during the economic downturn, seems to be much better than other sectors - especially traditional and cyclical ones that lead to an unequal struggle with commodity prices and accelerating inflation. In addition, most large European companies are still exposed to huge political risk, in particular in the energy and fuel sectors. Despite adverse market conditions, local profitable gaming companies can be the green island of the Polish economy — says Paweł Sugalski, CFA, portfolio manager and founder of Smart Money fund, member of supervisory boards of gamedev companies and author of the book “Gaming on the Stock Exchange”.

Everyone interested in investing in RedDeer.Games, please contact us directly, and we will answer all additional questions regarding the current investment round.

  • Investor Relations Team – email:
  • Dedicated profile on LinkedIn – IR-LINKEDIN

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