Lisiecki and Blaisdell have partnered to create Copernicus Ventures Int. A venture platform to support entrepreneurs

Lisiecki and Blaisdell have partnered to create Copernicus Ventures Int. A venture platform to support entrepreneurs

Copernicus Ventures Int. aims to support the development of international entrepreneurship through both equity and support for European companies seeking to become global and benefit from capital paradigms of the US market. With far more resources for high-risk/high-return initiatives existing through the American capital market and to a much greater extent than the rest of the world, the platform that Copernicus provides a unique VC like structure with a proprietary and personal process will allow international entrepreneurs to maximize their potential and the valuation of their project. In turn, Copernicus establishes the opportunity for American and global investors to gain access to the best breed of European startups which will be transformed into American entities.
Copernicus is founded by an unprecedented team which also includes a woman entrepreneur who though years of effective entrepreneurial, technology and media activities, creates platforms of opportunities for not only her start-ups such as the California Space Center, but also carefully selected European companies and start-ups. “The dynamic and explosive growth of US start-ups and their valuations will be unlocked internationally. I am looking forward to using my strategy and resources and position in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, to create a new economic momentum and be a game changer for European start-ups. This is not another trip to Stanford; this is real business and a potential model disruptor in the making. My US partners are standing by” - said Eva Blaisdell.

The formation agreement of Copernicus Ventures Int. was struck during AlwaysOn on NASDAQ in New York City between Eva Blaisdell and Michael M. Lisiecki. Copernicus Ventures will also be an umbrella brand covering all areas of cooperation between Blaisdell (US) and Lisiecki (EU), who for more than a year have collaborated together on multiple projects on both sides of the Atlantic.

"This project has a long-term vision and nature. It was established after more than a year of cooperation, in which Eva and I greatly complemented each other as independent entrepreneurs. The commitment and entrepreneurial spirit is what unites us and allows us to say we are both serial entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make best use of our skills, relationships, experience and presence on two continents" - said Lisiecki.

“Copernicus Ventures focuses the energy and entrepreneurship that we have as Europeans and Americans who have the independence, vision, creativity and know how to create such an impactful venture. Our operations are, of course, co-created with multiple partners from different countries and we know that this mix with our abilities to effectively zoom in on the most relevant network of investors and premiere American partners gives us an extraordinary power to act” – adds Blaisdell.

Why Copernicus?

The name of Copernicus Ventures Int. means courageous and visionary, just like the great Polish astronomer - we take contrarian action and claim the new order of things to come. More about Nicolaus Copernicus -

Projects and Companies

Cooperation within Copernicus Ventures Int. relates to several projects and companies run by Lisiecki and Blaisdell, such as:

• Round Table Mixer - Edition: Space, Defense & Technology – events and meetings bringing together leaders in space exploration, business areas related to the space industry, defense and new technologies. The first edition of the meeting will be held in Poland with another in California in 2016.

• California Space Center – mega project conceived and funded by Eva Blaisdell next to the Vandenberg Air Force Base, creating the unprecedented opportunity in California to view rocket launches. The launch amphitheater is just one element that is attached to a digital and physical environment integrated with an entertainment, media, technology and education eco-system. Ms. Blaisdell is building the foundation of “Space Valley” - the center of research and exploration of the cosmos and space while being the center of space tourism, entertainment, media and startups. Eva is leading the venture through her Space Consortium that consists of companies such as Bechtel, Sony, Imax and others.

• Media. Machina International, which was presented last week in New York to potential partners, is a uniquely positioned international new media platform that curates the global world of music, culture and lifestyle and the community they create. Using their special know-how on American and international media markets, both in terms of media and new ventures, Copernicus is able to create a truly international content platform which also fits in with the Media Eco-System framework created by Blaisdell and California Space Center.

• Copernicus Ventures Int., Which as one of its first projects will support two Polish companies that already last week, in cooperation with Lisiecki & Blaisdell, presented to potential partners on NASDAQ. Saule Technologies (, which is one of the first companies in the world to develop commercial applications of Perovskite and Noidss Ltd. (, which deploys social and mobile technological solutions for various markets with a societal focus. (digital platform for the visually impaired, identity detecting anti-alcohol car lock).

The creators of Copernicus Ventures Int:

Eva Blaisdell, maverick and resourceful entrepreneur. Eva funded and developed numerous start-ups and technologies while working with some of the best American and international companies. An American of Polish descent, for years she has been involved in the creation and development of new media projects in California with partners that range from entertainment, to media, to tech, such as Sony and Amazon. Recently Eva has been combining all of the above with real estate in her California Space Center. Her projects give companies new opportunities to reach not just the global center of entertainment and media in Los Angeles and millions of users, but also a global vision and valuation potential. Ms. Blaisdell was one of the first women to hold a high position in Silicon Valley and gained recognition as a General Manager of a Fortune 500 Company, Compaq Computers, where for 6 years she led this state of the art company in Poland. Always a philanthropist and supporter of Polish science, culture and sports, she launched the first US foundation in Poland and has been a champion of using technology as a transformatory force for economic and social change with a focus on young entrepreneurs. Ms. Blaisdell often speaks at universities such as UCLA, USC and is active at Stanford as well as the University of Warsaw.

Michael M. Lisiecki, now 39-years old, a serial entrepreneur who started his first successful company at the age of 16.  He has been a player in the media and new-tech industry for nearly 20 years. Starting with just $2,000 in his pocket, he created many ventures and built PMPG Polish Media into a media conglomerate and WarsawStockExchange listed company. He publishes some of the most popular weekly magazines in the region and is also the creator of the Round Table Mixer - meetings between the young leading generation of Poles, the new "round table". Member of Young Presidents Organization. He graduated from the Zachodniopomorska Szkoła Biznesu (business school), University of Szczecin and management program at Harvard Business School.

Contact info:

Copernicus Ventures:

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Eva Blaisdell

Communication on behalf of Copernicus Ventures Int.:

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